We fit raised flooring not only to maintain as much space as possible for your future storage needs but we fit it high enough where possible to avoid compression to the insulation immediately underneath. Any compression to mineral wool insulation reduces the thermal resistance value.

We come across many attics where flooring is in place that impedes the fitting of new loft insulation or compresses the insulation. Thankfully, we can solve this for you quite efficiently and economically in most events.

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Roof Rafter Insulation

We do not recommend insulating the underside of roof felt as heat generated within your home has left the habitable part of your home by the time it reachs this roof level insulation. There are also ongoing health concerns with spray insulation.

Converted Attics

A significant percentage of our work today involves existing houses that were poorly insulated previously and have areas where heat is escaping quickly and thus can leave the owner suffering with great heat loss as well as cold draughts. We will be happy to offer solutions to you that both make the living areas warmer and more comfortable.

A variety of draught proofing options are available as well as making new flooring for storage for you that is of course compliant with keeping your house warm.

Down Lighters

There are many down lighter covers on the market. We only recommend those that offer the following:

  1. Are tested for the heat resistance generated from the light itself.
  2. Are manufactured in a way that it is possible to fit them as neatly and safely as possible around the light.
  3. Allow us to safely insulate over the covers anfd maintain the universal thermal resistance for the rooms below.

Storage Options

Contact us for various flooring for storage options including ‘future proofing’ your raised storage!

Draught Proofing & Ventilation

We have various options available for draught proofing and ventilation, especially around attic access hatches and poorly working wall vents.

We have various options available when it comes to getting rid of mould and damp from ceilings, particularly in wet rooms.

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