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Did you know up to 40% of heat is lost through the roof of your home?
Simply get your attic insulated and:
– Your home will be instantly warmer & more comfortable
– You’ll save on Energy Bills
– You’ll be doing your bit for the environment

Make your home more Energy-Efficient!

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With 40 years experience in the insulation business you will find a Guaranteed Quality Service.
Our company is approved by the National Standards Authority (NSAI) and we are registered contractors throughout Ireland for the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI).
We are committed to delivering you the highest standards of quality and care in your home
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We provide the following insulation services for our Domestic customers in Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare & Greater Leinster area
Since our company was founded , we have worked always on the basis to keep our customers’ houses warm. In recent years, the thickness recommended for attic floors has risen sharply and appropriately. If your attic was last insulated before 2006, you may now require a substantial top-up of insulation to meet today’s recommendations. We recognize more and more requests for a provision of flooring for storage in attics and we have a few options we can offer you. We do come across many attics where flooring is in place that either impedes fitting of new loft insulation or compresses the insulation. Thankfully, we can solve this for you quite efficiently and economically in most cases.
We do not recommend this type of insulation in normal circumstances as any heat generated in your home has left your home by the time it reaches this roof level insulation. If however you plan to spend a great deal of time in your attic or are planning on converting your attic space, we may be able to offer a solution for you.
A significant percentage of our work today involves existing houses that were poorly insulated previously and have areas where heat is escaping quickly and thus can leave the owner suffering with great heat loss as well as cold draughts. We will be happy to offer solutions to you that both make the living areas warmer and more comfortable. A variety of draught proofing options are available as well as making new flooring for storage for you that is of course compliant with keeping your house warm.
There are many down lighter covers on the market. We only recommend those that offer the following:
1) Are tested for the heat resistance generated from the light itself.
2) Are manufactured in a way that it is possible to fit them as neatly and safely as possible around the light.
3) Allow us to safely insulate over the covers and continue the overall heat retention in the rooms downstairs.
If you are planning to have airtightness installed, contact us for a competitive price.
Contact us for various flooring for storage options
We have various options available for draught proofing and ventilation, especially around attic access hatches and room wall ventilation.

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